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Anti-bacterial, easy to clean, air purifying – cleanliness with PORCELANOSA

There are enough distractions in life without having to worry about how hygienic the surfaces in your home and workplace are. With K.Life, the revolutionary surface material from the prestigious ceramic manufacturer PORCELANOSA, you won’t need to worry.

K.Life is naturally anti-bacterial, completely stain resistant and actively improves air quality. The surface represents a technological leap forward, facilitating cleanliness in the household by creating fixtures that actively contribute to improve environmental quality and purify air quality of both individual homes and communities.

K.Life is a development of KRIONTM, an already popular solid surface material from PORCELANOSA. It is a resilient and malleable material used in homes for kitchen surfaces but also proving popular in commercial buildings. K.Life is suitable for all the same applications.

With K.Life, liquids and dirt can be cleaned from the surface easily and quickly. It is capable of completely removing chemicals that encounter the material because, when K.Life is in contact with any type of light, the properties of this material are activated through a process of photocatalysis, which initiates self-cleaning and the purifying of the air.

Air pollution is also a genuine concern for many people, especially those who live in an urban environment. With K.Life, you could combat it from the comfort of your own home. Utilising the concept of photocatalysis, K.Life improves air quality by neutralising nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds. This process uses energy from light, combined with elements in the K.Life material to act as a catalyst producing the cleansing effect.

Because the seemingly miraculous cleansing effect of K.Life is brought about by catalysis, the effect does not diminish over time, so the natural cleansing effect will continue permanently. A significant step forward in indoor air quality, this effect could also bring about significant improvements in the environment for urban areas and city centres.


With more than 45 years’ experience, PORCELANOSA Group is one of the most prestigious ceramics manufacturers in the world, offering kitchen and bathroom furniture in over 970 stores across 150 countries. Throughout, consumers can see on-going developments in the innovation and design of all its products.

Production diversification has played a key role in the growth of our business, which started with the production of a single product: ceramic tiles.

Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a vast product range that includes not just flooring, kitchen and bathroom equipment but also state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.

About KRION Solid Surface

Since 1993 KRION, part of the PORCELANOSA Group, has transformed R&D&I, allowing KRION to be a product of the future and a company of a sustainable nature. Its two product lines: KRION Porcelanosa Baths and KRION Unlimited Surfaces have boosted the internationalisation of the firm. The first of these is linked to the bathroom equipment and the second to the manufacture of large surfaces for professionals and for projects related to residential constructions and contract. Founded as Systempool, the company changed its name to KRION Solid Surface in March 2019 attributable to the positive evolution of KRION™ – the product.

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