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Wedge Group Galvanizing is delighted to offer Galvacoat – a two-component polyurethane-based one coat paint system that has been specifically designed to give GT0 adhesion on galvanized steel.

It can be provided in all RAL and BS colours at different levels of gloss.

Why Galvacoat?

The benefits of hot dip galvanized protection are well documented but, in some cases, there is a requirement for colour for aesthetic reasons.

Various coating types have been suggested for the job with varying degrees of success.

The major problem when painting galvanized steel is adhesion and the British Standards Institute has developed a test method classified as GT0 (BS 3900 part 6 on galvanized steel).

Painting Galvanized Steel

Several solutions are available for painting galvanized steel, but not all offer the required adhesion.

Galvacoat is compliant with all of the British Standards Institute tests and offers the perfect solution for painting galvanized steel.

Galvacoat is available in the UK through Wedge Group Galvanizing on a supply-only basis. For more information, please contact:-

Mark Endsleigh on 07831 742373

Product website:

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