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Hardie® Backer

Moisture sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms are particularly prone to the negative influence of water on tile backer boards. Get the best protection against moisture damage when you use Hardie® Backer tiling backer board. It’s the floor tiling backerboard of choice wherever superior performance is required.

Whereas traditional materials such as plywood and plasterboard are liable to break or disintegrate when wet, have confidence that your job will last with a board that stays strong and firm, no matter how damp or wet it gets. Hardie® Backer tiling backer board protects your bathroom against moisture damage.

With its unique cement formulation, Hardie® Backer fibre cement board has no loose aggregates or fillers, making a strong and uniform tile backerboard.

Product website: https://bit.ly/3BdSPgU

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