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Marmox Thermoblock

According to BRE, “Thermal bridging can be responsible for up to 30% of a dwelling’s heat loss”.

So, what is a thermal bridge? Often referred to as a cold bridge, thermal bridging occurs in areas of a building that have higher heat transfer than the materials that surround it. Whether that be because there isn’t much insulation or because there is a break in the insulation. One area that has always been a problem is where the wall meets the floor. This is because insulation is generally not load-bearing and so insulating under bricks or blocks is an obvious problem.

One product that has been specifically designed to eliminate this problem is Marmox Thermoblock. With a track record of reliable performance dating back more than a decade, Marmox Thermoblock is the proven and versatile solution to combatting cold-bridging in a variety of construction applications. Available in widths of 100, 140 and 215mm, Marmox Thermoblocks feature a unique design where two rows of high strength epoxy concrete mini-columns are encapsulated in sections of extruded polystyrene, which will support 9 newtons – equivalent to a 3 storey building! The columns are attached at either end to the top and bottom layers of glass fibre reinforced polymer concrete to achieve a good bond with the rest of the structure.

Marmox Thermoblocks can be installed in the same way as standard bricks or blocks, except for the addition of sealing the joints using Marmox’s MSP360 Multipurpose Sealant & Adhesive. The blocks are widely used for masonry, timber and metal frame constructions, while it also finds applications at intermediate floor levels, beneath parapet walls and even in the construction of swimming pool surrounds. Most recently, a leading housing provider has begun employing Thermoblocks around the bases for its multi-storey modular developments.

Marmox’s Technical Advisory Service is able to assist architects, engineers and other specifiers with incorporating Thermoblock into their designs in order to avoid having to adopt the punishing default values under SAP or similar assessment methods: thereby helping to achieve Part L compliance in a practical and economic manner.
Marmox Thermoblocks are available from stock through a nationwide network of suppliers.

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