Natural Roofing Slates

CUPACLAD rainscreen cladding systems offer a revolution in cladding applications for natural slate. The systems offer a new durable, sustainable and easy to fix alternative with a unique character.

The use of highly durable tectonic slate, new fixing systems and rainscreen cladding efficiency make CUPACLAD® a competitive, totally sustainable alternative for cladding any type of facade.

CUPACLAD® 101 Logic system utilizes 40x20cm slates fitted horizontally with invisible fixings.

Featuring simple, balanced design, our CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding system puts the texture and sheen of our natural slates right to the fore.


The CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC system is made up of 40×20 cm slates installed horizontally using invisible fixing systems.

The CUPACLAD® 101 series systems share a single fixing system with self-drilling screws specially designed by our engineers to ensure optimum slate rainscreen cladding installation, but remaining totally invisible to avoid impacting the design.

The screws are made from stainless steel and feature a large diameter flat head to ensure and facilitate proper fixing of the slate.

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