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With demand for more new homes on the increase and unlikely to reduce, offsite construction is one of the fastest growing ways to create cost effective buildings at a faster rate.

Fitting windows and doors in the kit of the building at factory stage makes the whole onsite build much faster. We have the perfect solution with Kitfix®. Developed in 2012, Sidey was the first company to introduce this innovative solution that allows windows and doors to be added to the timber frame, structural insulated panels (SIPs) or steel frame, before being delivered on site.

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This tried and tested system means that developers and housebuilders don’t need specialist labour onsite, which can save time and money.

The faster build means being onsite for shorter periods which reduces costs on prelims, and both these factors increase profitability.

The system offers consistent build quality and high levels of air tightness can be achieved.

Health and safety is improved with less manual handling of individual window and doors.

Offsite building is also an environmentally beneficial way to build and reduces the carbon footprint.


Sidey’s Kitfix® system is impressively quick, for example; 11 windows can be first fixed in 23 minutes. They are installed when the walls are horizontal in the factory and the innovative Kitfix® brackets are fitted to the window or door frame. Air tightness, thermal and acoustic seals can also be included at this stage.

The Kitfix® system makes transportation simple and once on site the panels are erected as normal. This means homes are protected from wind, are watertight and secure much sooner, and makes the build much faster. It also eliminates the need for separate deliveries of windows and doors, with no site storage required either.

After erection of the timber frame or similar structure, the Kitfix® system also includes a wide range of clip on cills that can be added onsite.

For companies looking to build more homes faster, offsite construction is the way forward. More and more products are available to factory fit, making it even easier on site. Kitfix® gives developers the opportunity to fix windows in the factory to the exact specifications for energy efficiency and security. Where new properties are facing busy roads or near airports, choose acoustic seals for noise reduction. We can work with you to create the best windows and doors for your development.

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