Hypostyle Architects

Hypostyle Architects

Hypostyle Architects is a UK practice that works in all fields of architectural design. Specialising in Residential, Health, Education, Commercial, Conservation, Master-planning and Urban Design, the practice understands the boundaries and processes of creating visually dynamic and functional buildings.

We believe in design excellence and innovation in architecture. We deliver functional, creative, sustainable, energy efficient and economic design solutions for our clients. To achieve this we use up to date technology, project evaluation and option analysis combined with 3D visualization enabling a high quality and creative delivery of the client's aspirations.

Our reputation has attracted a broad range of clients across both the Public and Private sectors, including House Builders, Developers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Companies, Universities, Airport Authorities, Health Boards, URC's, PLC's, Private Companies, Government bodies and other private individuals.


3D visualisation • Feasibility studies • Energy-conscious design • Heritage • Sustainable design

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