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Kingspan Insulation is a market leading manufacturer of premium and high performance rigid insulation products and insulated systems for building fabric and building services applications.

Here's just some of our range:

  • Kingspan AlphaCore™ - A microporous silica insulation board for use behind rainscreen facades (regardless of type, height, construction and location) that has an A2-s1,d0 fire rating and a thermal conductivity of 0.020 W/mK
  • Kingspan OPTIM-R vacuum insulation panels - an optimum performance insulation with a lambda value of 0.007 W/mK – ideal for where construction space is limited.
  • Kingspan Kooltherm - premium performance insulation suitable for a wide range of applications from roofs, walls and floors to pipes and ducts with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.018 W/mK.
  • Kingspan TEK - structural insulated panels for the construction of highly energy efficient buildings
  • Kingspan Styrozone - a range of high performance products for inverted roofs, car park decks, basements and heavy duty floors.
Here to help

Along with its leading range of insulation products and solutions, Kingspan Insulation also provides a variety of tools, training and technical support to help architects to deliver highly energy efficient buildings. This includes its free and easy to use U-value calculator, featuring over 30 common constructions, and in-depth CPDs covering the latest regulatory changes and best practice when specifying a range of insulation measures.

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