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Grande Parquet Oak Flooring

Parquet flooring is the term applied to geometrically patterned wooden block flooring. Oak blocks are laid down in a pattern to achieve a look which has long been associated with prestige and grandeur. The parquet blocks can be laid in any pattern, providing complete design flexibility within both domestic and commercial projects. Russwood offers ‘Grande Parquet’, blocks that are wider and longer than traditional parquet flooring blocks. Russwood Grande Parquet oak flooring is available in both unfinished and pre-finished options, with a variety of colours and styles available.

Our pre-finished parquet flooring comes in brushed,17th century and chateau effect:

Brushed Style is created by wire brushes pulling out the softer spring wood, exposing the harder summer wood, thus accentuating the grain and creating a beautifully textured surface

17th Century Style Grande Parquet flooring is tumbled to randomly distress the surface and bevel of the blocks to create beautifully antiquated effect

Chateau Grande Parquet is sanded to give a smooth and even finish

All our pre-finished solid Parquet Flooring is supplied pre-finished with Osmo Polyx® Hardwax oil in a choice of 9 different colours – from white, through honeyed golden tones to rich shades of ebony. Before being oiled, boards can be smoked; this process adds rich, deep variations of colour to the palette, providing another 6 colour options.We also offer unfinished Grande Parquet Oak, which requires a light sand after fitting before being finished on site by a professional and will create a beautiful and timeless look for any domestic or commercial project.

What kind of finishes do you recommend for unfinished parquet? We recommend finishing your unfinished parquet floor with an Osmo Polyx® Hardwax Oil. Doing so will provide long-lasting protection whilst increasing the floor’s durability and stain-repelling properties. Due to the depth of penetration achieved, Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil preserves the character and appearance of the wood and ensures that your floor is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Osmo Polyx® Oil is widely regarded as the highest quality Hardwax-Oil on the market and is available to buy through our online shop.

The alternative to hardwax-oil is a lacquer or oil-based system, which in our experience do not protect or enhance the natural beauty of the wood to the same extent as a hardwax-oil. In addition, chipping, scratching and cracking have traditionally caused issue when using these systems; issues which are not easily rectified without recoating the entire floor space. For further information on hardwax oil versus lacquer, and instructions on how to oil and maintain your floor, please go to Technical Support.

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