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Oak flooring

A smooth contemporary take on oak flooring – the sleek, natural look of these modern boards can unify and enhance any modern living space.

Which grades are available?

The Classic range is available in a Character, Character/Prime and Prime grade, all of which feature boards which are carefully hand graded and selected to your specification.

Character Grade

Ideal for naturally inspired interiors.The beautifully prominent figuring with large, hand-filled and sanded knots illustrate the true, rustic nature of this product.

Character/Prime Grade

This grade retains a rustic charm but the knots are much smaller than those featuring in a Character grade board. This is a great option for those who like the natural effect of the wood but prefer a slightly more uniform appearance.

Prime Grade

Clean, contemporary and incredibly stylish. Each board has been carefully selected to ensure that the beautiful figuring of the wood is highlighted but, only small pre-filled and sanded knots are present.

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