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Interior Wall Cladding

As timber specialists, we always look for new ideas and innovations that translate into industry leading products. Our range of interior wall cladding has been developed to inspire interior designers: free flowing textures and sinuous grain in an earthy colour palette create opportunities to use form and contrast to influence the ambience of living and retail spaces.

The individual pieces can be applied in any order, helping you to create a bespoke finish every time. A textured surface creates shadows and highlights that contrast with the grain pattern and creates opportunities for interesting lighting effects.

Commercially, Wallscape adds dimension to shopping or office spaces, breaking up surfaces and adding to the visual balance through three dimensional form. Homes and living spaces will be transformed by the warmth and form of a natural product. The pieces of timber are various set sizes and therefore when they are arranged, a unique 3 dimensional ‘wall scape’ emerges. The pieces are easily arranged against a hidden frame, as each piece of varying dimension, shown opposite, is tongue and groove on all four sides.

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